When July came to an end I went to Belfast for my annual holiday. For once I was blessed with magnificent weather and I had a wonderful time. It was not exactly a rest for it was quite an energetic holiday. I did a lot of visiting, some cooking, climbing and I did a lot of running with Orangegrove Athletic Club and training with them at the Mary Peters’ Ground.

Since returning I have been with a group of students on a parish mission to St Wilfrid’s and Holy Trinity Bingley. This was a happy occasion and I felt the double privilege of being allowed to serve among such good and friendly people and to be with such an enthusiastic and committed group of men and women from the College of the Resurrection. We had a lot of fun together and we shared our faith with a community of faith in a place where the Gospel has been proclaimed for 150 years.

I have just returned from Guardian’s Chapter at Walsingham. I have been a Guardian for 25 years and I was pleased to hear that the College of Guardians have agreed to make me Guardian Emeritus when my time of active service comes to an end on my 75th birthday next year.

Speaking of which I hope to mark my 75th year of life by doing a sponsored 10k run to raise money for Tariro – so watch this space.


John CR