Monastic Week

The Community welcomes men and women who are wondering what it is to have a vocation to the celibate monastic life in today’s world. This may be because you are asking whether you yourself have such a vocation, or because you’d wish to be able to speak to others about this way of life. Spend the week alongside the Community. Join us for prayer, practical tasks and conversation on how and why to live the monastic life today.

Retreat dates can be found on our online calendar

To enquire about this and other retreats, or to book, please contact or call 01924 483346


Visit or Stay

We welcome you to come to CR and to share in our life. Some come regularly to talk with a brother, others spend a day or two experiencing this very different environment. Individuals and groups come on retreat and pilgrimage, share in the teaching and courses we offer and join us in worship and meals.