There are two main libraries on site which offer different resources, space and feel to readers. The Community Library (CR) forms a living record of the interests of the Community over time, representing the collections of the brethren past and present at the time they joined CR and the acquisitions made on their behalf during their life at Mirfield. The College Library supports undergraduate and postgraduate students in their theological, ministry and liturgical studies.

The two libraries, although different have one thing in common – looking after them requires many hands! I have been very lucky, since I started as Academic Librarian in February and I have gained 7 volunteers who come to assist. They have been helping in so many different ways, from moving books down to lower shelves reducing the need to use ladders; undertaking journal audits of both libraries – so far 200 titles have been listed; signage – from shelf markers to bay ends; shelving; helping students find books; checking reference material; disposals and cataloguing. Although still a work in progress, the College Library over the Summer has been transformed due to the work of the volunteers.

A new project for library volunteers which is crucial in helping us to preserve the historic collection will be cleaning the books at the CR Library with specialist cleaning equipment. While cleaning, identification of books which need TLC will be part of the project, as will highlighting interesting books. Previous experience of this kind of work is not necessary and training and support will be available. It is a great opportunity to be  a part of the Community, in beautiful surroundings and to work and meet up with other volunteers.





If you are interested in volunteering in the libraries, please contact Anisha Christison,