Greetings to all our many friends!

We are now two weeks into the ‘waiting.’ How is it going for you?

Things have been especially protracted for us here, keeping watch alongside our (recently departed) brother Roy CR during his illness and in the final hour of his death. It was dignified and quiet and entirely apposite for this gentleman in his 66th year of profession to go to the Lord in the simple and gentle way that was his. The hospital visiting and care at home have tired us all a bit, yet we look east to the shore on which Roy now rejoices, confident that we too may come with him to its greater light.

Robert CR led a happy retreat for eighteen last weekend, and I tried to look after their food needs in Nicolas’s absence (He’s back in Zimbabwe, which will doubtless look and feel very different from his last visit.)

On Friday, I’ll go back to visit the family; it is Archie’s (my Godson) birthday on the 19th. I look forward to troughing his cake – (excuse the Yorkshire-ese!) – I meant to say sharing! He will be eight. Incredible! It will be nice to see them all and to have a look at the reordering of my home parish church in Hutton Cranswick.

Peace and every blessing for the Christmas feast; may you be sent into Christ’s world afresh to herald the joyous tidings of He who comes to save.

Love Marc nCR