Dear All,

It is quite some time since I have written to the Companions. Life has been very busy lately (so what’s new?). There have been lots of guests and I have given a couple of unexpected addresses. I am now struggling to complete a Retreat for Readers at Walsingham beginning on Monday week.

At the same time I have been overwhelmed with the success of the auction so far. To date the catalogue stands at 180 lots but I have many more uncatalogued and many due to arrive in the next week. I’ve had two drives out to pick up stuff this week (thanks to Bro Jacob and Fr Northover) and have been working hard to find space, to unpack, photograph and repack stuff and then record everything. I’ve learned how to use the mobile phone as a camera (I still don’t know how to use it as a phone!) So keep an eye out for pictures on the Facebook album (Grand Auction on the CR website.

The magnificent Feast of Christ the King is almost upon us. When I was a baby Hitler said that the Third Reich would ‘last a thousand years’. Pius XI upgraded the Feast as a way of saying to dictators ‘you are weighed in the balance and found wanting’. Zimbabweans once told me that President Mugabe had said that he wanted to be the Hitler for Africa – well let’s hope that the people of his country will soon be enjoying a similar life to the peoples of Europe and let’s hope that every knee will bow to the just and gentle rule of Christ the King.

On Saturday 25th the Society of the Resurrection will celebrate together. This new society is springing to life in exciting and unexpected ways and I am looking forward to meeting old friends once more. Autumn is my favourite season and Mirfield if particularly beautiful at the moment. Advent is also a favourite season for me with its violet colours, its haunting music and the renewal of Christian hope and expectation. Let us go on hoping for the manifestation of Christ’s life and love for a world that is so much in need of God.

Feast of the Conception: I am afraid that all the letter to date is now past news and so we are now just 17 days from the Incarnation of Christ so happy Christmass to you all and here goes as I attempt my Maiden Voyage on the Companion’s website.

Maiden voyage a failure! Now 10 days until Christmass.