Yesterday we bid a very fond farewell to our brother Jacob, whose period in temporary vows came to an end last week. Jacob has been in first profession with the Community of the Resurrection since 2013, and decided in January’s Chapter meeting that he would not seek to take life vows.

During his time at Mirfield, Jacob has been an active brother of the Community notable for his strong love for God and for prayer. He has developed the work of the Mirfield Centre, not least with schools, has played a major part in refurbishing the Retreat House and pioneering the popular pilgrimage weekends to Mirfield, and has helped bring CR into the 21st century in IT and telecommunications, and in taking a lead in the installation of a booking system.

Jacob leaves Mirfield with love and prayers from his brethren and we look forward to keeping in touch as he discerns the next step in his journey of vocation.