This has been the first week of what is commonly called ‘lockdown’;  changes to a familiar way of living have not hit the Community in anything like the way that they have hit most people in this country, especially in  places where people commute or work at their own businesses. The Community is very much aware in what a privileged position we are. Much of our life, our prayer and our worship has only been affected mildly so far.

Everyone knows of persons close to us who are in vulnerable situations or who are on their own or are stranded on distant places. These are in our thoughts and our prayers; never has the new communication technology seemed such a boon, though I have been using the telephone more. I imagine many of those reading this piece will recognise what I mean by ‘telephone’.

has been a great blessing to us to be able to broadcast on ‘Facebook’ our offices and we hope that this will be possible to continue as long as needed.

Everywhere is very quiet and it would seem to have encouraged birds to be more visible and audible: greenfinches have been seen on the cricket field, grey wagtails also and two pairs of buzzards were circling over the Retreat House, against a bright blue sky – quite exquisite. It is very pleasant being here! This has been a happy accompaniment to our reading at supper, ‘The Natural History of Selborne’ by Gilbert White, warmly recommended.

It is a recall in the same moment to those who are so much at risk, not least the world’s urban poor, many sharing  constricted quarters, many with not even one bathroom, let alone the ‘designated’ bathrooms which health care professionals recommend to those needing to isolate. For them vaccine is needed as a priority.

Please keep such persons in your prayers as well as finding a sight of the unexpected blessings which may meet with you in this strange times.