I could not think of a better place to be ‘stuck’ than the grounds of the Community of the Resurrection. They are a real blessing to those of us who are fortunate enough to live in and around them, and especially so with the beautiful weather we have been experiencing of late.

Watching the blossom appear on the trees, followed by the green foliage gradually unfolding, and although the numerous varieties of daffodils have now died back, the floor is carpeted with bluebells.

The dawn chorus is as beautiful as any sung mattins, as the birds begin to attract their mate and mark out their territory. The chiffchaffs and blackcaps have returned from their warmer winter climates of the Mediterranean, and hopefully in the coming days we shall also begin to see swifts, swallows and house martins, having completed their long journey from Sub-Saharan Africa. As ever the tawny owls continue to fill the night air, along with the many bats, and the high-pitched calls of buzzards can be heard in the day as they soar in the sky high above, while also from time to time being seen performing aerobatics by lower church.

Many beautiful butterflies have also been appearing over the past month, with at least 10 species having been spotted. Hopefully soon the dragonflies too will be out dancing by the pond.

Whilst out in the grounds the upper church bell continues to toll, as the brothers once again begin to gather for prayer, signalling some things do not change. I find this comforting; not only as it connects my daily prayer to theirs, but also as a continuous reminder of the whole church being drawn together and upheld in prayer by one another.

Joanne CoR