Many thanks to all those who have already donated to the sponsored bike ride in aid of Tariro Hope for Youth in Zimbabwe. You won’t be surprised to hear we have had to postpone it. I am hoping we’ll be able to do it in September or October, but at present of course it’s impossible to do any planning. We are living in strict isolation, but are very lucky to have our grounds. I have explored the possibility of doing enough circuits of our grounds to cover the planned distance of the ride, but the terrain is too difficult – the one circuit I did, with a mountain bike, almost did me in. It would also be boring, and cut out all the people who are going to be involved, so I was relieved it didn’t work. We’ll be letting you know in due course when we hope to fire the starting-pistol, but in the meantime many thanks for your support. Tariro needs it, and will need it even more after this crisis.

George CR