The Long And The Short And The Tall

The Long and the Short and the Tall is a book of Obituaries of some members of the Community of the Resurrection.

The Community has existed for nearly 130 years and these Obituaries are drawn from all points of that period to give a flavour of some of the Brethren that have made the Community what it is. In this book you will find the holy rubbing shoulders with the eccentric: they came from various countries and walks of life, had different experiences before they joined CR, and different ministries within it.

This anthology celebrates our brothers. We enjoy their foibles, are encouraged by their examples, learn from their lives. History and theology are about life. If, for example, Jonathan Graham’s life spoke of the transcendence of God, Gerard Beaumont’s spoke of the immanence of God, yet the two men had affection and respect for each other.

We revel in the facts that our brothers came from a variety of backgrounds; had differing experiences before they joined CR; had varied ministries because of CR; were endowed by our Lord the Spirit with different gifts. In all this they are a microcosm of the church.

This anthology is taken from the CR Quarterly Review. Obituaries were selected so as to show variety. For Christians some numbers have significance: one, three, five, seven, twelve, twelve times twelve. There is no symbolism associated with the number thirty one, though there are thirty one days in many a month.

Author: Anthology, Introduction by Robert Mercer CR

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