Rwanda – Rising from the Ashes

Bishop Kenneth Barham’s life ministry in Africa has been distinguished by profound dedication, selflessness and devotion to the good of others.
Barham’s works in Africa bring to reality the biblical parable of the mustard seed, which though smaller than a seed, when it is grown, is greater than the herbs and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air cine and lodge in it’s branches. In this case the tree also did bear many fruits.
Ken’s service has touched, inspired and changed many lives in Rwanda and beyond. Instead of giving the needy fish, Barham taught them how to fish. This conforms to the vision and aspirations of many Rwandans. His contribution to the post-genocide reconstruction of Rwanda is invaluable.

I hope that by reading this book Rwanda – Rising from the Ashes, you will get inspired to sow your own mustard seed – to make a difference in the life of others.
Ernest Rwamucyo, High Commissioner of Rwanda to the UK.

“An inspiring story of faith, hope and charity … A story about Rwanda and her people at a momentous time – and how after the genocide in 1994 the enduring faith of the brave man (Bishop) led his African congregations towards healing and peace”.
Linda Melvern, author of “A People Betrayed”

Author: John Miles


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