Reaching Towards

“God recedes as I approach and I’m tired of him playing hard to get.  If God is just silence then I am disappointed by him.  And yet the images keep coming …”

Not long before he left his Derbyshire home to be Artist in Residence at The Community of the Resurrection, Mirfield, Michael Cook was given a small, blank leather-bound book by a friend.

The journal he kept in it records his changing moods, his doubts, longings and emerging convictions, the drift of late summer into autumn, some of his many encounters with visitors to the monastery, and how all these relate to a body of work he produced on the raising of Lazarus.

A unique insight into the haphazardness of the creative process and the untidiness of faith, Reaching Towards is for anyone who is as much disconcerted as comforted by faith, but who wants to keep the longing for God alive.

Author: Michael Cook


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