Oneness – The Dynamics of Monasticism

Oneness considers the role monastic life plays within the life of the contemporary church.

Using a focus on the life, practice and history of the Shepherds Law community as a starting point, the book broadens the discussion to consider how such communities negotiate the boundary between the solitary life and life within their community.

With a foreword from Justin Welby and an afterword from Rowan Williams.

Table of Contents 

Foreword by Archbishop Justin Welby

Prologue by Diarmaid MacCulloch

Part 1: Setting the Scene

Introduction – Stephen Platten

1. Religious Communities and Their Citizenship – George Guiver

2. Northumbria’s Long Tradition – Sarah Foot

3. Father William’s Baton – Peta Dunstan

4. Shepherds Law: The Story so Far – Stephen Platten

Part 2: Unfolding the Mystery

5. The Skete – Andrew Louth

6. Francis of Assisi: A Hermit and His Hermitages – Brother Nicholas Alan Worssam SSF

7. The Monastic Sacrament in Life, Liturgy, Saints and Buildings – George Guiver

8. Gregorian Chant and Monastic Life – Dom Xavier Perrin OSB

9. Monastic Architecture and the Building of Shepherds Law: Monastic Life and Architecture – Christopher Irvine and Ralph Pattison

10. Waiting While Running – George Guiver

Afterword by Rowan Williams

Author: Stephen Platten (editor)


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