Mirfield Essays in Christian Belief

This Book is not a formidable series of learned papers on abstruse theology, but a plain and coherent outline of the Christian faith, written by members of the Community of the Resurrection.

The central theme is the faith of the Resurrection. This is prepared for by essays on the relevance of the Old Testament, the Incarnation and the Cross. A chapter on the Resurrection of our Lord closes Part I.

Part II contains a series of more reflective essays, looking back on what is involved in the claim for the Resurrection: arguments for the existence of God, the Christian doctrine of God, Creation and the Fall, the nature and work of the Holy Spirit.

Part III considers the consequences of the Resurrection: the Church Worship in the Body, Baptism and Christian Unity, Prayer in the Body, and the Christian answer to pain and evil.

Part IV deals with the consequences for the Church and the World: the secular challenge to the Church, the witness of the Church in an expanding World, Vocation, and the End of All Things.

The book is a reprint of the 1962 edition

Wipf & Stock Publishers

Author: Jonathan Graham CR, Trevor Huddleston CR, Aelred Stubbs CR and others


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