The week has been very windy and sadly there has yet to be a nice bright freeze. I do  not wontedly remark on weather but one of our much loved trees has hit the dust, or rather the sponge of a back bit of grass. The fallen is a lovely rowan tree which has been with us since shortly after Princess Margaret planted a rowan  (that tree died but a new one replaced soon afterwards). A beautiful white climbing rose attended its growth and it is hoped that that will survive. We now have the task of choosing a replacement (suggestions please).

A quiet week which is welcome – our brother Aidan has returned to base after a trip to South Africa which leaves  just two brothers there, Philip on his hols and Nicolas visiting companions.

Next week I go to synod and will listen to much discourse – no central heating needed for we have much hot air. There will be one to one talks which are often very helpful to for it is good to meet and get to know people from very different backgrounds and perspectives.