Greetings – (and warm ones at that) – to all our friends and supporters from the brethren here at Mirfield. We continue to bask in the Lord’s glorious sunshine which ripens both the corn and ourselves at the rogation season. Tomorrow (Wednesday), we will have a rogation procession taking place out in the grounds to give thanks and praise for the beauty of the created world of which we are part. As the litany petitions for seasonable weather, so we likewise pray for its continuation, and pray for all who gather and garner the harvest. So many in our world do not share its fruits, and we remember them too in solidarity and with penitence.

I am trying to gather material for the next edition of the CRQ at present – a fun – if slightly daunting task. I am hoping to be closely guided by David, our printer in the matter, but am thankful to be asked. I feel a bit like Prince Harry when he guest edited ‘Today’! At the end of the month, I’m leading the Bank Holiday Retreat with Simon CR on the theme, ‘Still haven’t found what you’re looking for…?’ Hopefully, a few more folk will sign up. Most of us are in the house; George comes back from Shepherd’s Law briefly this afternoon before going away once more… now he’s (semi)-retired! Barbara, associate CR will lead one of her excellent reading retreats over next weekend… there’s probably still space to come sign up if you see this in time! God be with you all.

Marc CR