Dear Companions and Friends,

I begin writing on 5th November. ‘Remember, remember…’ The month of November is all about remembering. Last week we celebrated the Magnificent feast of All Saints when we revel in the glory of that ‘great cloud of witnesses who share with God the bliss of eternal life  and comfort us with the promise that their joy will be ours. On Friday the solemn Commemoration of All Souls drew our memories nearer in time and place as we gave thanks and prayed for those we have known and loved but see no longer – Brethren, families, Companions and friends – may they rest in peace and rise in Glory. Tomorrow 6th November All Saints of Ireland reminds us that every nation has its holy men and women – martyrs, servants of the poor, teachers and those who have given up all to serve God so (it is now today) I feel close to Patrick, Brigid, Columba and those whose names we find hard to pronounce (Adhomnnan, McCromnathy etc). I also think of modern saints who risked their lives and sometimes died trying to make Ireland a country (both sides of the border) where men and women can love one another and live in peace.

Next week we have Armistice services and remember all those who lost their lives or were injured and disabled or bereaved by the wars. At the request of the Superior I have set up a small exhibition in the cloister as a remembrance of the service and sacrifice of CR Brethren and Novices and students of the College of the Resurrection. At the end of November we will celebrate the great feast of Christ the King of the Universe in whom all wars will cease and every tear shall be washed away.

During that weekend I will be conducting the retreat – ‘Into the Way of Peace’ reflecting on war and rumour of war in the light of Christ’s Kingship. We will be using art, poetry, film and maybe even the odd comic. Immediately after the retreat I will be off to Swanwick to act as chaplain for the Blackburn Diocesan Conference and to conduct a workshop on film.

Then comes Advent, Christmas and another year. I will be 75 years on earth and 40 in CR in January and D.V. I will be doing a sponsored run!

Love and prayers,

John CR


Early Notice: in few weeks’ time the Shrine of Our lady of Walsingham should contact me with details of The Companions’ Pilgrimage (7th -10th June 2019). We have booked 15 places and will be limited to that number so when booking forms become available it would be advisable to book early. In formation can be obtained from me (Fr John Gribben CR) at:

House of the Resurrection

Stocksbank Rd


WF14 0BN