Dear Companions,

I hope that you are all well.

Sadly this year we cannot be together for the Festival w/e. We do still intend to have the Festival to thank God for all that he has given us and to thank him for our wider family. We will stream all the services and hope that as many of you as can will click-on.  Our proposed timetable is as follows but the final version will be in the June Quarterly.

Virtual Festival Day Timetable

Friday 10 July:

4.00pm Silent Prayer in the Community Church (live stream)
5.00pm Talk from Fr John CR for the CCR but open to all (live stream)
6.00pm Solemn Evensong (live stream)
9.15pm Compline (Greater silence begins, live stream)


Saturday 11 July:

7.30am Mattins
10.30am Talk from the Superior (live or pre-recorded)
11.15am Presentation by a Brother ?? St Benedict ??
12.00pm Sung Mass for the Dedication of the Church of the Resurrection
2.30pm Stations. Short visual presentations by Brothers, live or pre recorded
4.00pm Exposition and Benediction
5.00pm Solemn Evensong
9.15pm Resurrection Vigil (Greater silence begins)

At the offertory the Companion’s cards that I have been received will be placed on the altar and I will say a prayer for all of us.  Those who follow the service say amen but I would suggest that at some time during the day all Companions should make a personal act of re- commitment.  I will sign any unsigned cards that I receive this year as I know some of you will not be able to contact supporters.

Someone has made the very good suggestion that we use photographs of Companions, S o R and friends during the Festival services.  I am not sure how we can work that just yet but I would appeal to all who can use a computer to email me photos of yourselves alone or with family and we will try to find a way of using them.  Please emailed photos only as I won’t be able to return originals.

The Brethren are all well although we grow older with each Companion’s letter.  My hair is greyer and longer.  I’m thinking of auditioning for the principal part if the Community puts on Rapunzel for its Christmas panto.  With the longest spell of good weather that we have had for years HR and Mirfield has been beautiful and I have enjoyed my daily exercise with a three or four mile run and encountered loads of birds, butterflies, rabbits and foxes.  The hedgerows and woodland are exploding with flowers and blossom – glorious.  I have managed to get a bit of study and also joining with Charlie the postulant in a study of the religious life.  You might also have noticed some reflections through art.

Quite a lot of good and beautiful things have now been promised for the auction.  If you have found anything that you think would be interesting please let me know.

May the Holy Spirit rest upon us all.

Love and prayers,

John CR