CCR News Lady Day 2019

Yesterday (25th) we kept the wonderful feast of our Lord’s Annunciation to Blessed Mary, and were reminded again of the word in Hebrew, Hineni, Here I am.’ We give thanks for Mary, Samuel, Jeremiah and all the holy ones past and present who respond to the call of their God in this way, and pray that the ‘turning’ season of Lent would increase in us his grace to do likewise.

It is, as ever a time of great activity for us all here in the community. Stations of the Cross continue every Friday for the duration of Lent; Thomas CR has just completed a retreat, ‘Preparing for the Pasch,’ which was well received by those who participated; we have labelled the next batch of Apple juice, and Oswin, John and myself attended a very promising ‘Christ our Call’ day in Newcastle on Saturday with an exciting mix of attendees and stories. God is yet bringing forth so much good in a vale of confusion and pain: therefore hope does not disappoint us! Hopefully your Lent is going well and you’re getting space and time for you and God?

I am leading a pilgrimage weekend for about 11 people beginning Friday evening, and we have Tallis Schola coming to give a concert… Victoria will be there…. it’s a while since we’ve seen her!

Keep well!


Marc CR