Dear Friends,

You will have gathered that I may have been a little busy since Christmas and hence I have not been writing Chaplain’s letters.  I have not spent all the time reading Harry Potter or watching Paddington 2.  I have been to Walsingham three times, I have given a retreat on Film, I have been to Cross Green for Holy Week, a brief visit to Belfast to plan an auction.  Oh did I mention we had an auction?

I think in terms of fun and joy that was one of the best weekends of my life.  Everyone seem so happy, there was a great team of helpers and everyone went away satisfied.  The result of Auction was superb.  When all is in we will have raised about £25,000 which is good going for a Vth auction.

Many people will be relieved to know that we did not sell the Luca Giordano painting although the bidding came very close to the reserve.  I feel vindicated in that it has proved to be a more significant piece of art than was previously believed and I hope now to enjoy it for the rest of my days.

Hard on the heels of the auction we had the Family Fun Day when I turn my talents to assisting in the sale of hot dogs.  As I write we are in the middle of a Monastery Experience week and preparing for the Festival weekend which in turn will be followed by General Chapter.  It is great to have such an easy life.

Love to you all

John cr