Hello again! How are you all keeping as February marches on towards Lent and the anticipation of Easter triumph? Maybe you have already begun giving thought to your Lenten discipline. What might you lay aside or take up this year? It is always good to read a Lent book (Either ++Canterbury ‘s or some other.) Perhaps give some poetry a go, or the biography of a spiritual figure.

You are all no doubt aware that Jacob left us last week after deciding not to proceed with life vows. We all miss him a great deal, but know of God’s continued leading in his life and ministry so will gladly pray for this next venturesome stage of his life and ours. Now we are without him and Simon CR.

Fr. Simon’s body will be received into the Community Church at Evensong next Thursday (28th); the Requiem will be celebrated the following day at 11.30, to which all are welcome. At the moment, the obit candle burns in choir as a sign of a brother’s passing from this world, but also as a perpetual symbol of the risen Christ present to us, in whose glory we share.

Things around the place are busy! We have a group of 19 clergy on retreat this week, being led by George on the Psalms; there is also a group here from Catford, South London, where John CR is going for Holy Week. I will be with St. Hild ordinands this year at their Easter School in Durham. I have two former work colleagues visiting today (Weds), and next need to see if I can ascertain the workings of the hall clock, which is currently stopped. Always a job, for always Christ calling us to get up and serve him. Please pray for Fr. Rex Matthias, who John and I will admit to the Companions at Mass today.

With prayers and love for a good and holy Lent to you all,

Marc CR