We have had a super weekend, with the arrival of Abbot Ignatius and Prior Antonius from Trier and the Huysberg arriving on Friday. There have been several opportunities for conversation in English and German alike, and we have had some varied topics to consider, such as the various expressions of Benedictine life lived in community and the Church’s understanding of mission and the part religious communities play in this.

As I write (Monday), Br. Antonius and myself hope to offer some bilingual intercessory prayers at the Mass for St. Alcuin of York and at Evensong we will pray the thanksgiving prayers in English and German, devised last October during the Delegationsbesuch in Trier to mark our fiftieth year of friendship. I believe there may even be a visit to The Sculpture Park this afternoon if we behave!

Next weekend, about eight people are coming for a pilgrimage weekend, and I seem to have a great many tasks to do in the house. At least George CR is back for a spell to sing and be sacristan! As St. Paul reminds us notwithstanding, ‘Clothe yourselves with love, which binds all things together in perfect harmony.’ (Col. 3. 14-17) And as Fr. George Herbert endorses, when we see our loving God and King in all things, ‘drudgery [is made] divine.’

May it be so in your lives this Eastertide. We here hope it continues to be a joyful one for all of you.

Marc CR