Greetings and a very happy new year to all our friends!

I feel as though I am finally beginning to settle back into something resembling normal again after my three months in Trier. I have spent time completing a German course there and living alongside the brothers of St. Matthias’ abbey with whom we have had a fifty- year relationship.

It was a good challenge to be away from home for this length of time, and I would even admit – (don’t tell them) – to missing my Mirfield brethren on occasion! You can read a further account of this visit in the CRQ, naturally.

Christmas concluded with the feast of the Epiphany, and Epiphany has turned seamlessly into ‘green’ ordinary time once more. Can one think it is 2019? How many of you are still miswriting the date?  I await the results of my Abschlussprüfung (End-of -course test), which I sat on 7th January and I am currently trying to focus on matters pertaining to the house and a vocations event in Oxford University with which I am involved at the start of February.

It is good that our brother Simon has returned home following his stay in hospital. He is glad to be home, and it is certainly good to see him here.

With our best wishes and prayers for the start of this 2019.

Marc CR