Yarm School

We have already had around 150 school students visit us so far this year, the rest will be in May (after my exams). Every year we are given a wonderful opportunity to engage with the young people who come her
e. This year’s visit from Yarm School, arranged by their inspiring head of Religious Studies Janice Nickson, has helped us to develop further our work with GCSE religious studies students. Additional to sharing about our life in Community, we also engaged in theological reflection relating more specifically with the students own studies in ethics, spirituality and Christian texts. So much of study can be for the mind alone, and so it was good to be able to reflect on the things of mind and heart together.

Uppingham School

I was also given the opportunity to spend half a day at Uppingham School. Interestingly the school of Nicolas and Jonathan Graham CR. We were invited by Uppingham school to talk to the Confirmation class about vocation and what it is to be a Christian. The students are fantastic, and so are the chaplains! I was warmly welcomed by both Fr James and Jarrod, who made the connection with the Community through his roots in South Africa.

It might be that God has a plan for vocations to the Religious Life and Priesthood from amongst the students that we meet.  Students from Yarm School have gone onto explore Priesthood, Church Missionary Society, and one is training to be a Rabbi. But most importantly it is our hope that the students will discover within themselves that precious gift of life, that we believe is of God, that will be the foundation of all their thoughts and relationships.

Jacob CR