April is now over, and I have been a brother of the Resurrection for seven weeks. We had a really wonderful Eucharist on March 12th to mark this, which incorporated the profession rite. Thank you to those of you who came and also those who prayed in absentia. Please may you continue to do so? In some respects, this article comes as belated news to our friends and supporters, but nevertheless, I felt it was important to let you know how it’s all going.

The short answer is ‘well.’ Day-to-day life is really no different to the experience of the novitiate in terms of getting stuck in and embracing the offers and challenges of the tasks that come one’s way. There is newness insofar as an increasing sense and level of responsibility goes. I am being asked (and reasonably expected) to assume more and to be challenged further. This is good; in some ways it resembles a career-type progression which is wholly appropriate to my age and stage of life. I am appreciating the chance to investigate my own habits of learning and study within the life a little more, as this is quite closely directed in the novitiate period.

Fr Nicolas has agreed to act as my ‘warden’ during the period of simple vows, and I know I will be able to rely on his frankness and clarity of guidance as we all continue to discern the way forward with God who goes before us.

Another aspect of profession that one notices a little more is the sense of being ‘one of the family’ just that bit more. There is a greater sense that one has been ‘gotten used to’ now. Any previous desire or perception of the need to prove oneself is unnecessary, and there is a deeper freeing up to enter further into the life which calls us. This life is God in Christ.

I continue to enjoy and welcome the engagement with Christian life that CR brings, and pray that my vocation will continue to be lived through being here for the years to come. I know that it is a gift of a position, in which ‘hands are freed to welcome others into the radiant splendour of God’s love.’ So I carry on being thankful that my own hands feel so freed, that they might lead others to His love’s freedom. I carry on being thankful, with all my brothers, for your generous prayers and support.

Marc CR