The community was glad to welcome a group of novices for a conference on the theme of ‘Office and Eucharist,’ expertly led by Fr. George CR. The gathering was part of a two-year rolling programme organised and facilitated jointly by the novice guardians of our various Anglican religious communities. It was extremely good that we were able to host this session, and to share something of CR’s life.

We enjoyed a varied programme, with a good balance of teaching, learning and recreation. Mornings involved a daily singing practice to get to grips with the plainchant, before a lecture-style session on a particular aspect of our topic. This enabled insightful discussion on life in our respective communities. We also enjoyed a walk, a social evening (not entirely teetotal!), and a wonderful excursion to Dewsbury Minster at the end of the week where we saw the beautiful chapel of St. Paulinus and were photographed in front of the fine wooden reredos in the narthex.

A good time of fellowship and learning had by all – we are now looking forward to being together for the next conference!