Celebrating Holy Week together has been one of the most important features of my time at the College of the Resurrection. Many of the Brethren spend the week in parishes, so from the First Evensong of Palm Sunday the seating in Upper Church is rearranged, and the College shares the obligation of the Community to pray the Offices and Masses of Holy Week.

More than thirty guests also joined us this year for Holy Week (or just the Triduum), and the College’s Refectory during meals became as full as the Church. The rhythm and routine of CR that we particularly adopt for the week allows time for building friendships, but also leaves space for silence and reflection. The Revd Prof John Rodwell gave some challenging addresses on the nature of our connection with the whole of creation, and Fr Ben Gordon-Taylor again delivered his excellent series of lectures on the development of Holy Week liturgy.

Once the Mass had been celebrated on Maundy Thursday we remained in silence until the Easter Vigil. The Offices during this time become shockingly sparse, much is spoken rather than sung, and it is as if all creation is left in silence by the events of Good Friday. The triumphant fanfare of organ, bells, and singing at the Easter Vigil proclaims in no uncertain terms the joy of Christ’s Resurrection.

Guests are always welcome at Mirfield for Holy Week, why not be among them next year?

Sebastian Hamilton CoR