I hope that you are all managing to live with the lockdown. I know that some of you will have sorrow and anxiety so that a simple ‘I hope that you are all keeping’ well does not fit the bill. I know and believe that God will be with you and bless you wherever you are.

I have received quite a number enquires about the Festival weekend. As Robert Burn’s says ‘To a Mouse’ ‘the best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray’. There is very little chance that the Festival will be held under normal conditions. We are determined that we will still celebrate our thanksgiving for all that God has given to us and the CR family. We are hoping to stream our services, and will continue to make plans over the coming weeks. Further details will be published in the June quarterly, on our website and in the next Newsletter so ‘watch this space’.

Speaking of mice one of the great moments in auction history was the day when during the first Mirfield Auction my brother George brought the gavel down and pronounced ‘sold’ for £18,000 on the set of Thompson furniture. The Thompson signature is a little mouse carved somewhere on every item. Even if one could afford it most of us wouldn’t have room for a Thompson suite so this year’s auction is offering you the opportunity to appreciate just a taste of Mouseman craftsmanship in the form of this lovely Thompson napkin ring. Please don’t forget that I need donations and take the opportunity to look for things that you no longer want. I have been offered several exciting items including rare coins and a beautiful Beijing antique clock. If you have anything that you think would be good for the sales please let me know so as I can be prepared to receive them once the doors open again.

The campaign is going reasonably well and is giving me light relief from all the bad news and sad news that is around us at the moment. My smallest item is a fourpenny piece, my largest is an organ and my most beautiful is a burse and veil (see the auction album).

The Corona troubles are very sad and even though for most people it means upset of our routine, travel problems and many other frustrations for many others it is pain fear and disaster.  Let us remember them in our prayers, be thankful for what we have and don’t panic. There is one verse that helps me face all possible futures – ‘Will not the righteous Lord do right?’

My love and prayers to you all,
John CR