I know that after the last one (and the one before) I said ‘never again’. I really meant it but there are certain circumstances which have led me to try again. Firstly we need money to keep this vast plant going. The Community church attracts a lot of people who come to praise God, to seek his will his love and his peace. It is a beautiful place and we all love it but it costs money to keep it clean and warm and comfortable.

Many people come on retreat and lots of them find the peace and quiet beneficial and healing but we are at a stage where there is an urgency about providing more monastic space so that we can accommodate the various groups who want to study and worship here. To do this properly we need to ensure that the monastic Community is properly housed.

So that is an incentive to me to do my bit.

Secondly a number of things have been given or promised and it is already enough to give promise of success. We are hoping to hold the auction post Easter next year and if the donations were to come in at the same rate we could hope to raise £10,000 which would be great. But, call me greedy, I’d like to do better than that.

Third reason? It’s a lor o’ fun. My brother who has given so generously in time and energy to the previous successes would be disappointed if we stopped while he is in his prime. But he isn’t the only one. Many of our friends have found the Mirfield auctions – whether collecting, or setting up, helping on the day or bidding for Baden Powell’s woggle – an experience that they were glad to be part of.

So Auction Stations! Pray for us and then begin to look in attics, cellars and hidey holes for those things that have been there for decades and are feeling sad because nobody looks at them any more. Ask your family, ask your friends (ask your bishop!). But please don’t bring large items without consulting me first.

John CR