18 to 30’s Retreat

If you open the ear of your heart you will hear that Christ is calling: do you want to say yes with the freedom of grace and love? St Benedict reminds us ‘to run while you have the light of life’, but before you head off on the next thing, spend time at Mirfield to help you check out your ideas with God, because God loves you and desires you to have Life.

The cost of this retreat is £120

Greek For Fun!

A little Greek can be a great help in seeing new levels of meaning and significance in the Gospels. In these days we will engage directly with the Greek and English texts of the Gospels.

However, we do not expect a high level of Greek. An ability to read it will be enough. No one will be embarrassed!

Leader: Fr Nicolas CR

The cost of this retreat is £200 per person

Armistice Centenary Retreat

Into the Way of Peace

How does a Christian live in a world where there are ‘wars and rumours of wars’?

World War l and the century which followed is arguably the most dramatic era in human history. We will use poetry, art, cinema and popular culture (including Comic Cuts and The Rainbow) to reflect on the ‘peace of God’ and his will for each of us, learning about love, about conflict, about sacrifice, about death (perhaps about hell) and about the gift and opportunity of living in the 21st century.

I intend this to be a retreat and not a philosophy session on the rights and wrongs of war. I’m really rather looking forward to it. Do you care to join me?

Leader: Fr John CR 

The cost of this retreat is £125



Journalling Retreat

Keeping a reflective journal can help us to become more attentive, to notice what is going on – within ourselves, other people and the world around us.

Learning to look and listen with the eyes and ears of the heart brings us into a deeper relationship with God and God’s creation.

This weekend offers you time and space, in this special place of prayer, to practice that attentiveness through the written word.

Whether you regularly keep a spiritual journal or will be trying it for the first time, this retreat will encourage you to see the holy in the ordinary.

Leader: The Revd Canon Barbara Clarke, Associate CR

The cost of this retreat is £125

Music Retreat

Holy time to reflect as summer gives way to autumn, with the help of music by some of the great composers.

Leader: Br Philip CR

The cost for this retreat is £125

Railway Retreat

Back By Popular Demand!

Enjoy a weekend of monastic hospitality and worship with the Community, including a visit to the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway. Participants are invited to bring along some railway-connected pictures, books or artefacts to share with the others.

Leader: Br Philip CR

The cost for this retreat is £150.00

Reading Retreat

An opportunity to come away from day-to-day demands and enjoy some quiet time in a place of prayer and experience words – read ,spoken and sung – in a different time-frame and at a different pace.

Come to Read….Rest….Recharge


Leader: The Revd Canon Barbara Clarke, Associate CR

The cost for this retreat is £125


Creative Arts Retreat

Finding God in our everyday through creative activity and reflection. An art and spirituality retreat offering hands on processes with guided meditation.

Suitable for the experienced artist, the complete beginner and all stages in between.

Leaders: Fr Simon CR & Shaeron Caton-Rose

The cost for this retreat is £200