Pre-Lent Clergy Retreat – Lent and the Psalms


The Psalms are full of praise for the mighty works of God – a closer look shows how much of this stands behind Jesus’s own message and journey, and continues on into the sacramental life of the Church, and our daily praying of the Psalms.

Leader: Fr George CR

Cost: £270


Pre-Advent Clergy Retreat

Peace, not as the world gives

In an uncertain and violent world, what is peace? Where do we search for it? How can we help others to search? and to find peace?

At the break of the church’s year, Fr Thomas reflects on the coming of our God and His peace.

Digging into the Psalms – Clergy Retreat

Wonderful and alien, the Psalms are sometimes balm to the soul and at other times more hard work than we would care for.

Here we explore ways to enable them to grow as our daily bread.

Leader: Fr George CR

Clergy Retreat – God Keeps Calling

You responded to the call to ordained ministry, but are you still listening attentively to God’s ongoing conversations with you? Come and spend some time listening to God.

Roxanne Hunte is Southwark’s BAME Vocations Champion and Priest-in-charge of South Norwood.

Leader: Mother Roxanne Hunte

The cost of this retreat is £250

Clergy Lent Retreat

Here is an important opportunity to spend time with God, to rest and be quiet, to review what has happened in your life and to receive the Holy Spirit’s guidance for the way forward.

Leader: Fr Crispin CR

The cost of this retreat is £250

Pre-Advent Clergy Retreat

Further details to follow.

Leader: Fr John CR

The cost for this retreat is £270


Next year’s Pre-Advent Clergy Retreat is ‘St. Benedict Today’ conducted by Fr. Nicolas CR

Monday 23rd – Friday 27th November 2020