Welcome to our CR Festival Day

On this CR Festival Day we want to say a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who supports the life and work of CR here at Mirfield and further afield, and so we are very glad to welcome you virtually.  This is not quite the Festival day we anticipated this year, but felt we need to celebrate it as best we can in our current circumstances. 

Under normal circumstances Brethren and friends would be on the spot to welcome you and exchange a friendly handshake (or even a hug or a kiss!) This year you will have to make do with a Mirfield wave – but it is the thought that counts.

We know that you will be with us when you can today and tomorrow. As the Lord was with the disciples in the Upper Room he will be with us in our Festival.

During the Festival Eucharists, Companions have renewed their Commitments. This year Commitment cards will be put on the altar at the offertory and Fr John will say a prayer on behalf of the Companions and we hope that Companions will affirm their commitment at home either at that moment or sometime during the day.

If you would like to make a donation toward the life and work of the Community of the Resurrection, please click here (this will open a new browser)

Please see our timetable. At each session click here and this link till take you to our Facebook page, you do not need to have an account and you can join with us.

Many thanks to Ryan Otley, for his assistance and technical input for the facilitation of today. Without him, this would not have been possible.