CR belongs to the Union of Monastic Superiors, the conference of Benedictine and Cistercian Superiors, Roman Catholic and Anglican, and this year’s conference included a day at Lambeth Palace and a meeting with Archbishop Justin. The exchange we had with him was really good and made an impression on everybody. All attended the Eucharist celebrated by him, and afterwards met the Community of St Anselm, a 12-month annual experience of monastic life for young people from all over the world, which is proving very successful.  Members of it come regularly to Mirfield to spend a week or so with us and share in our life, and always leave enthusiastic. The sense of ecumenical friendship at the Superiors’ conference, and of mutual support, is a wonderful sign to the Church of how we can put our divisions in their place and get on with sharing all we have in common.



[Photo: Archbishop Justin greeting Fr Gregory Polan, the Abbot Primate, who flew specially from Rome for the conference]





George CR